Football is Love

Welcome to my blog about my football life with The Coach.  The Coach is my husband, Lance.  I married him thinking I could make him change some of his football-loving ways, but how dare I try.  Instead, football has changed me.  Football and I have had a love and hate relationship for the past 18 years.  My husband’s main goal in life when I first met him was to become a head football coach.  He achieved his dream, with lots of love and support from me, our very wonderful parents, our kids,  a few incredible head coaches who taught him everything they knew, and a wonderful coaching staff who has been a second family to us.   We live and teach school in the community where my husband grew up and where he now acts as Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for the Shelby Golden Lions.  Life isn’t always easy living in a small southern town where everyone knows your husband, but it’s good.  I want to share the things we’ve learned as a couple and family, but especially the lessons I’ve learned living with The Coach.

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